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"The Royal Treatment" Trio Masks - 3 PK


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Product Description

A beauty routine fit for royalty. The Royal Treatment collection includes 3 masks each with a specific function: an Anti-oxidant mask, an Anti-aging mask and a mMisturizing mask.


Dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and unparalleled results. Customers have fallen in love with their “glow” and radiance thanks to 15twenty Masks.

So many sheet masks are made with course materials, but we’ve got the good stuff. Check out these benefits:

– Maximum absorption and incredible adhesion, resulting in deep penetration into the skin.

– Unparallel transfer of ingredients to your face.

– Smooth surface texture that maximizes coverage.

Key Ingredient List:

Stage 1: Antioxidant

Caviar Extract to protect and prevent collagen and elastin breakdown.

Berry Complex is rich in vitamins and a great source of fiber. It has also been found to promote skin cell growth, exfoliates, and tones.

Grapefruit Extract evens skin tone with its bountiful antioxidants.

Stage 2: Anti-Aging

Red Sage Roots are an incredibly strong antioxidant, allowing it to promote and improve cell growth and blood circulation.

Licorice Roots enhances even skin tone as well as reduces wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity.

Supina Stem Extract is a potent antioxidant and astringent.

Stage 3: Moisturizing

Pearl Extract promotes collagen synthesis.

Shea Butter Extract is ultra soothing, helps to prevent redness, anti-inflammatory, and protects skin from harsh weather.

Macadamia Seed Oil is another ultra moisturizer, softening skin and reducing water loss.

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