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CT Instant Sunless Spray


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Product Description

Apply in a light spray across the face/body.  Wait to dry before layering.  You will see immediate colour.  Colour will darken as tan develops.  If spray goes on unevenly, do not worry, it's very forgiving.  Don't go all crazy trying to fix it.  Just leave it.  Wait 4 hours before showering/getting wet.

Experience revolutionized sunless skincare and Color Technology only a trusted color expert can provide. Specially formulated to deliver professional, flawless results; leaving you in a state of golden perfection.

-Quick-dry formulation
-Innovative packaging allows easy application from all angles
-Breakthrough fragrance technology eliminates odors at the source replacing them with a fresh, sunny fragrance

✅Full Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee! LOVE it or your money back. What have you got to lose?