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Afterspa Exfoliating Gloves


Currently Unavailable

Currently Unavailable

Product Description

Achieve radiant, clean and soft skin while removing dead cells from your body. Perfect for a pre-sunless application ritual or to simply deeply exfoliate skin.

These exfoliating gloves are also treated with an antimicrobial that provides resistance to the attack of bacteria, fungi and mites.

Clinically tested, for all skin types.

Reusable packaging with a suction cup that sticks to the wall of your shower or mirror, for easy storage while also allowing for drainage out of the bottom.


  • Clean and polish your skin
  • Removes dead cells and stimulates blood circulation ( when accompanied by a good massage)
  • This product is treated with an antimicrobial, which provides resistance  bacteria, fungi and mites
  • Clinically tested, for all skin types
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