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HG Kabuki Brush


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Product Description

Premium Self-Tan Application Brush Elevating your self-tanning experience, we proudly present our HelloGlow. top-tier self-tanning Kabuki brush, catering to both face and body applications.

Achieving a flawless, seamlessly blended, and authentically natural appearance is akin to the artistry of makeup application with a skillfully wielded brush. In a parallel vein, we've meticulously crafted our luxurious kabuki brush for face and body, ingeniously tailored to work in harmony with our Rose Gold Self Tanning Mousse.

This kabuki brush boasts densely clustered, softly domed bristles designed to adeptly gather our whipped tanning mousse and expertly meld it into your skin. The gentle, velvety bristles are tailored to gracefully blend and sculpt the mousse, ensuring a flawless and streak-free self-tan. The brush's ergonomic design guarantees effortless handling, endowing you with unparalleled mastery over your self-tanning endeavors.

Reassuringly, our face and body kabuki brush is eminently washable and exhibits enduring longevity.

Optimal Face Self-Tanning Brush Harnessing the power of our face and body kabuki brush, applying the Rose Gold Self-Tanning Mousse or the Self Tanning Face Mist is a seamless endeavour, delivering impeccable outcomes for your face and neck.

Exemplary Hand Self-Tanning Brush Combatting the dreaded specter of streaky hands and feet—the Achilles' heel of self-tanning! These regions demand precision. Departing from conventional gloves, our brush infiltrates the knuckles' crevices, interstitial spaces between fingers, ankles, and wrists, orchestrating a harmonious and sculpted tan akin to the finesse of a professional spray tan. Kathryn's Seal of Approval! Elevate your self-tanning regimen to a professional echelon with this kabuki brush.

Superlative Contouring Self-Tanning Brush The brush's curvature imparts heightened mastery, enabling precision contouring exactly where desired—an absolute game-changer.

Contour the hollows of cheekbones, the temple-hugging hairline, and down the sides of the neck. Not to be forgotten are the collarbones and décolleté, awaiting their transformative touch.